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Fine line and Wrinkle treatment

Facial lines are caused by the repeated use of the facial muscles in a particular manner. Just as a freshly ironed shirt will become severely creased at, for example, the elbow, as a result of the bending arm, so, likewise, our facial lines from wherever we frown, squint or smile. Some people have a distinctive facial habit – grimacing, raising eyebrows, using one side of the face more than the other – and they will, in time, see a set of facial lines appear which reflect this individual habit.

Lines can be softened or, in some cases, erased, by means of filler injections‚ or surgical peeling treatments. These processes vary in how effective they are and how long they last. However, they all have one common characteristic – the EFFECT is being treated, rather than the CAUSE. The damage has already been done and continues to be done. Hibernation Treatment is different in that it is a PREVENTATIVE treatment. Injections are given, usually to the forehead frown area, which temporarily put the frown muscles to sleep for a period of three to four months. This freezing of the muscle is always temporary and can never be permanent – this is why the treatment is called “The Hibernation Treatment” – the muscle temporarily hibernates.

The aim is to break the habit of frowning and educate the client in his or her facial movement so that one forgets‚ how to frown. Usually, patients have several of these injections over a year or two until the frowning habit is broken.

Apart from the habit-breaking aim, other positive benefits are that:-

  • While the muscle is temporarily immobilised, the forehead is at peace‚ and the frown line is not being created or reinforced.
  • Most clients notice that their existing frown lines do soften-out because the forehead is completely relaxed.
  • Many would agree that frowning is an unpleasant habit which tends to spoil the serenity and beauty of the face. After the Treatment, although all the many other facial muscles can still be used normally, the forehead is still calm and thus, the face appears more serene.
  • Clients have even commented that they feel the calmness within themselves.

Additional benefits include:-

(i) Tension headaches may be eased.

(ii) Excess sweating from the armpits can be abolished.

Advanced Additional Treatments

The following are available:

  • Brow lift
  • Upper lip wrinkles
  • Nasal Scrunch (Bunny Lines)
  • Nasolabial Folds and Marrinette lines Dimpled chin correction
  • Gummy smile correction
  • Platysmal bands (turkey neck) Necklace Lines
  • Nefetiti lift/mini lift and jaw redefinition Hyperhydrosis (arm pit sweating) Botulinum toxin is used to reduce and soften the dynamic lines of the face.

Brow Lift

The treatment enables an individualised brow line to be created – arched, flattened or splayed, to create a flattering lift.

Gummy Smile correction

Sometimes on smiling the upper lip can excessively retract revealing a large amount of gum. This can be reduced with this treatment.

The Nefetiti lift/mini-lift and jaw redefinition
This treatment is named after the Egyptian princess Nefetiti, who was thought to have the perfect jaw line. This procedure utilises the muscles of the lower face to create a more defined jaw line.

Neck Treatments

As we age the neck becomes saggy. We can treat both the horizontal neck lines and the thick vertical straps (platysmal bands) to create a more youthful look.


This treatment involves subdermal injections into both axilla (arm pits) to reduce sweating. It is becoming ever more popular and the results can be seen within two weeks.

Pricing and Information

If you have any other common questions or would like to find out more information on pricing please contact the Wellness Clinic. We are here to help and can arrange a free consultation regarding any of our treatments.

Lana Farrelly-Bloom -BSc Nurse Practitioner, NIP RSCN dip RGN I am qualified Advanced Nurse Practitioner (ANP) with over 25 years experience working within the NHS within A&E and General Practice settings. I have been delivering medical aesthetic treatments over the last 14 years. I have worked part time in the NHS until September 2016 when I decided to do adhoc NHS work so I could work full time in Aesthetics. I apply the same high standards, skills and knowledge gained within my NHS roles to my Aesthetic practice. I am an Independent Nurse Prescriber which means I can legally provide a prescription medicine for your treatment. I am actively registered with the Nursing and midwifery Council ( NMC no 86G0988E ) I am a member of the British Association of Aesthetic Nurses (BACN) which along with other conferences and updates provides me with continual professional development, peer review and specialist expertise.

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