Colonic Irrigation

Colonic Irrigation

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Colonic treatment invigorates and revitalises the body, and thus provides a thorough tissue cleansing process. The treatment takes seven days, four days the first week, a break for the weekend, followed by three days to complete the process. Each patient receives pre- treatment instructions.

First Treatment including consultation – 1hr Follow – up treatment – 45 mins

3 to 4 treatments required to Detoxify, Cleanse, Improve Constipation and Irritable Bowl Syndrome.


Bioflora – Naturally occurring Bio Acipdipiodos to help recolonize the colon with friendly bacteria.
Cotonic – Natural remedies help with constipation
These are prepared by a Homeopathic Dr for the Wellness Clinic. Colonic irrigation, unlike the use of laxatives, is not habit forming and actually improves the tone of the colon.

The Colon

The colon, large intestine or bowel is situated in the abdomen and forms the last part of the digestive tract.
An extremely important organ in its own right, it carries out a number of vital functions including the completion of the digestive process involving absorption
of water-soluble nutrients as well as the synthesis of certain vitamins.
The colon is a major part of the excretory system and is responsible for eliminating food and other body wastes, as well as protecting us from infection and disease. In a normal functioning colon, all this is achieved with the help of billions of friendly bacteria which inhabit the colon and make up some 70% of the dry weight of our faecal waste. However, the delicate balance of this internal ecosystem can very easily be disturbed by a number of factors including stress, pollution, poor food and drink choices, certain drugs, smoking and exposure to toxic substances.

The results of this imbalance may be seen as follows:

• The healthy transit time of food through our bodies is less than 24 hours.
• On average in the U.K. it is now 60 hours for men and 70 hours for women.
• The United Kingdom is the most constipated nation in the world.
• The U.K. has the highest incidence of bowel cancer in the world with 20,000 new cases per year.
• One in three people consulting G.P.’s have a bowel problem.
• Bowel disorders such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Colitis, Crohn’s Disease, Diverticulitis and yeast infections (Candida) are now widespread.
• The repercussions of a toxic bowel may be seen throughout the body system in a wide range of health problems, and in the general malaise affecting so many in our society.

Three to four treatments required to detoxify, cleanse, improve constipation and irritable bowel syndrome

Treatment Time: Multiple treatments available

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