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Dermablading at The Wellness Clinic.
Our Senior Skin Consultant, Jayne has been offering this treatment since 2005.

How does Dermablading work?
Facial hairs can capture dead skin cells, oil and debris, which may cause your complexion to become dull and lifeless.
During the Dermablading procedure, we use a unique device with a very fine sterile blade to remove these hairs, along with the top layer of dead skin cells.
This treatment minimizes pore blockage and encourages the production of collagen and elastin. It can also eliminate several skin imperfections and conditions, and treat skin damaged by acne and bacterial infection.
A further benefit of Dermablading is that it increases the skin’s ability to absorb active nutrients.
The result is rejuvenated skin that looks vibrant and healthy.
What to expect during your treatment.
At the start of the procedure, we apply a cleanser/Sterilize the areas of your face being treated.
We then carefully scrape the surface of the clean, dry skin with the specially-designed surgical scalpel. The blade moves gently over the skin in a sweeping motion. Holding the skin taut, we apply pressure evenly to avoid causing any damage to the skin’s surface.
The procedure usually takes about 45 minutes and is not painful.
Aftercare and further treatments.
Dermablading epidermal levelling needs little or no down time. But, to maximize results long-term, it’s important to provide ongoing care for your skin.
As the procedure removes the top skin layer, the lower layers are more able to absorb moisturizers and other nutrients.
We recommend you continue to use facial moisturizers and other quality skin care products, including sunscreen with 30+ SPF, to reduce the chance of skin problems re-occurring.
Full Face – £55
Full Face with Collagen Peptide Mask – £70
Full Face with Jan Marini Peel – £115

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