Tattoo removal

Wellness Clinic

There are a number of ways to remove unwanted tattoos. The system we favour is both safe and highly effective, with a successful track record extending back ten years. It works by injecting a special cream that draws the tattoo ink pigment to the skin surface, where it then forms a scab which is later peeled. The result is the complete removal of the existing tattoo’s colours.

Several treatments are usually required, depending on the age, depth and quality of the original ink and workmanship. Faded, home-administered tattoos however, can often be removed in only one or two treatments.

Ours is not a home-applied system, a skin-coloured cover-up, or an acid- or bleach-based fading treatment. It also isn’t colour-selective, absorbed into the body, or light-sensitive. It is the least painful method of tattoo removal currently available, and has the additional advantage of being less expensive than laser tattoo removal.

Most tattooed areas of the body can be treated, the only exceptions being particularly sensitive areas such as near or around the eyes.

We’re unusual in that we are one of few clinics across the country that offer this type of tattoo removal system, and employ clinicians that are trained and experienced in the procedure.

Why let your unwanted tattoos cause you embarrassment and affect your confidence when removal is so easy? Call 01245 34 99 33 today for a free consultation.

Wellness Clinic tattoo removal IS:
  • Safe
  • Effective
  • Proven
  • Easy
  • Less expensive than laser removal
  • Less painful than laser treatment

Wellness Clinic tattoo removal is NOT:
  • A home-applied treatment
  • A skin-coloured cover-up
  • Acid or bleach based
  • A medical or surgical treatment
  • Colour dependent
  • Reliant on avoiding the sun post treatment
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